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Photoshop Restore Toolbox is small and powerful data recovery tool, repairing corrupted images in PSD corresponding
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23 October 2013

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This piece of software can help restore images in Photoshop.

Photoshop projects take a lot of effort and lot of time. Losing one project file thus would mean a loss of some great amount of effort. Though there’s very low probability of such disasters happening, when they do happen it can mean trouble. Thus, some tool that can help recover such image files could be very handy. Corruptions can easily happen due to user mistakes. Besides, the usual culprits like virus, non-systematic system shut-down, hardware or software faults can strike anytime. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows. It will also handle Photoshop files of any size, version or reason of the damage to it. The software offers a simple interface and takes you through the analysis steps. Users do not need to have any special skills either. It is this analysis phase during which the utility determines the data that could be recovered.

On completion of the analysis and recovery, the user can view the data and decide if the recovery is sufficient. This data will be written into a new file. The trial version will not save the data however. To be able to save the data you will have to register the product and pay for the license fee. The saved data goes into a completely new file making sure the original source is not touched at all. This application rebuilds the internal structure and thus recovering data. The simple interface does not require any special skills on the part of the user. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

As it is clear from the title of Photoshop Restore Toolbox, this software recovers corrupted images in PSD supported format. This program recovers the structure of Adobe Photoshop images and fixes the damage of PSD files in use, caused by various reasons, including user mistakes, file system failures, software issues and other problems, affecting image information, stored in PSD files. Photoshop Restore Toolbox works with all versions of corresponding PSD documents, the size of input file does not really matter either.
Do not worry if the damage of some images already occurred, the analysis of Adobe Photoshop documents does not take a lot of time so you may keep on working with restored document shortly. Look at the detailed description of Photoshop Restore Toolbox to check how it works and make sure the overall procedure is clear and you do not have any questions with regard to the analysis of PSD files. In the same time, you may start with practice and proceed to the installation of Photoshop Restore Toolbox on your own computer to evaluate either its easy interface or efficiency of analysis.
Do not worry about the compatibility of various versions, this tool runs on all computers so you get the only installation file, suitable for all available software configurations and versions of Adobe Photoshop. Click the shortcut of Photoshop Restore Toolbox after the installation to begin, select a file of PSD format for analysis and start processing selected document by clicking the Analyze button. As soon as the analysis is started, there is no way to somehow improve the speed of data processing so please stand by and wait until the end of Adobe Photoshop restoration, it may take a while according to the hardware configuration in use, PSD file size and some other factors.Get some rest until Photoshop Restore Toolbox automatically moves to the following stage and offers the results of analysis for evaluation. Check it out, how much information was successfully restored.
Photoshop Restore Toolbox
Photoshop Restore Toolbox
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